Meet your Team

Marc H. Wank, Managing Partner

Marc Wank has thirty years of accomplishments in healthcare, and has been successful in multiple healthcare and industrial markets. With his demonstrated leadership, flexibility, multi-functional and diverse skills to achieve organizational goals, Marc brings unique knowledge and a broad based understanding of healthcare markets to the PCA team. He earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and an MBA in economics from the University of Georgia. Marc is a knowledgeable general manager with specific operational, human resource, and sales/ marketing capabilities developed during tenure at more than seven companies, including work at both Fortune 100 and start-up endeavors.

While running new acquisitions, Marc developed a deep passion for small businesses that are locally run and integrated into community life. At Apothecary RX, Marc was responsible for purchasing stores and quickly built a company worth $100MM through 18 transactions in 2 ½ years. While developing and implementing the marketing and front-end strategies of pharmacies across the nation, he became well versed in how retail pharmacy works on a community level!

Having sold, purchased, and operated many businesses, Marc is practiced at avoiding the pitfalls large corporations can create for an unsuspecting seller, and he is determined to protect owners through to successful transitions. He is adept at working to explore multiple strategies, and has the expertise to execute the owner’s desires. Marc’s professional background and seasoned perspective make him an exceptionally well-qualified agent to work with both pharmacy sellers and buyers in today’s healthcare markets.

Maya A. Wank, Managing Partner

Maya Wank is in her third career, having previously spent ten years each in educating severely handicapped individuals, and another ten years in Big Pharma, including executive positions at American Home Products/ Wyeth, Lederle Laboratories, Dey Laboratories, and Connetics. In the last fifteen years, she has been the President of Resolutions4You, LLC, specializing in commercialization development, implementation and management by working with owners of start-up, privately held companies. She attended the UniAversity of Wisconsin, where she graduated with a Master’s degree in Administration.

Maya has been directly involved in all aspects of acquisition and exit planning, from procurement and due diligence to strategic development and infrastructure advancement. She is skilled at market evaluation and has represented owner and corporate interests for capital development and investor relations in arenas as diverse as pharmaceutical and biotech to web based businesses and strategies.

Maya’s ability to organize projects, while sourcing and overseeing necessary and sometimes diverse resources, has gained her a reputation for the ability to acquire and rationalize significant amounts of technical and financial information and changing conditions. Over time, she has gravitated to specializing in the needs of privately held small businesses, and as such is an asset to negotiations and due diligence processes. Maya brings to PCA a personal passion for pharmacy (her grandfather started Wisconsin Pharmaceuticals in his basement and made deliveries from the family station wagon), and particularly community based, locale initiatives. This background means Maya successfully assists both sellers and buyers, which is a strength in the decision making process.

Yes, this is the original PCA, only better! Pharmacy Consulting Associates ( was founded by Guy W. Stillwell, R.Ph. PCA builds on the Company’s foundation through industry knowledge, foresight and success in pharmacy, while differentiating and driving profitable, clinically based practices with solutions in the ever-changing, competitive landscape of community pharmacy. Our principals’ collective experience in buying and selling pharmacies has not only been through the operation of our own pharmacy corporations, but also as executive management in Fortune 100 companies. Our experience in acquisition, divestiture, management, and business development across healthcare organizations means we have experience in millions and millions of dollars in transactions. As a result of both our academic and real world experience, we are thoroughly prepared to represent pharmacy owners in any situation, such as independent to independent or large corporate deals. Between work with independent pharmacy, consulting, and corporate positions, we have been involved in hundreds of pharmacy transactions, and performed market analysis on countless pharmacy operations.

For those wishing to grow their business, we provide confidential and comprehensive business development consultation. We have not only our principals, but also a wide network of industry professionals ready to serve our clients in both broad and specific transactions or business growth. Our ability to combine personal experiences as owners, who bought and sold pharmacies, coupled with chain pharmacy background makes PCA incredibly valuable to clients who are ongoing owners/operators, buyers or sellers.