Junior Partnership Opportunities

Programs & Designs: At Pharmacy Consulting Associates we can design and assist in the implementation of Junior Partnership Programs. Our valuation models and extensive experience in operational consultation, positions us well to support the Junior Partner and Pharmacy Owner throughout the process. After a thorough valuation, pro forma, and cash flow analysis, we will develop a program using bonus and compensation deferment, coupled with minor junior partner cash, to allow a junior partner to slowly gain an equity position. Once satisfactory equity is attained, the pharmacy is transferred.

Financing Options

Commercial Lenders: At PCA, we work closely with lending institutions that truly understand the community pharmacy marketplace. We are able to provide you with referrals to banks and capital investment firms, with as little as 10% down and good credit scores.

Owner Financing: An independent pharmacy owner may be willing to provide financing to a prospective buyer. Often times this can depend on the corporate structure of the pharmacy business and resulting tax implications. If owner financing is an option, the buyer should be prepared to provide the same type of security and collateral to the pharmacy owner as a bank would require. Many times owner financing proposals can get in the way of a smooth transition, and essentially raise the price of the pharmacy to the prospective buyer. With the availability of commercial lending, owner financing can often times be avoided.