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PCA Services

Full Listing Service
At PCA, we provide a confidential full-service program for Pharmacy Owners ready to sell their pharmacy.

Market Analysis 
PCA offers various levels of market analysis to assist in determination of pharmacy value, including, but not limited to, Letters of Opinion and Cash Flow Analysis.

Webinairs & Continuing Education
On a variety of topics such as:
Exit Strategy
Jr. Partnership
Market Analysis

About Us

At Pharmacy Consulting Associates we are truly committed to independent pharmacy. We pride ourselves in our confidential, full-service program that is catered to independent pharmacy owners. Selling your pharmacy will be one of the most significant business decisions you will face. As experts in the pharmacy buy-sell process, you can trust us to minimize your worry and maximize your value while keeping your transaction confidential.

PCA takes extra steps to ensure a discreet and confidential transaction. Your value can erode once your patients, customers, and employees learn of a pending sale. Let PCA's experience guide you through the process and protect your value.

At PCA we have over 80 years of combined experience in the pharmacy industry as owners, corporate executives, and consultants. Let the experience of PCA maximize your value, and minimize your worry, while keeping your transaction confidential.

On occasion, pharmacy owners struggle with "going it alone" or engaging with PCA due to the cost of the service. Ask us for our references and testimonials, and you will quickly learn that our clients, some of which were skeptical at the onset, are extremely pleased and have realized more value from their pharmacy sale by listing with PCA.

Minimize Your Worry
You have a business to run, and chances are you have not sold a pharmacy. Leave the worries to PCA...we have been involved with hundreds of pharmacy transactions, and our experience will take a load off your shoulders. In addition, it is important to maintain confidentiality that you remove yourself, at the pharmacy, from the transaction.

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